The Ryder family greets the world.

Historic Pictures

The site has historical pictures of the Ryder family and their houses.
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As well as this there is the building of the Richmond Avenue (Nelson) house in 1922 by William Houlker near the bottom of the page.
This house has been the home of John & Daphne Ryder since 1973 and is shown in the small picture on the left hand side of the home page.
The Riwaka memories of WAA (Albert) Ryder can be accessed from here, (a .pdf file that can be downloaded).
The RYDER family tree here (.ged file)
A suitable genealogy viewer can be obtained from the Legacy website.

Historic Pictures and documents

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Fuscia Hill Farm, Riwaka
[William Ryder (Snr)]

Van Diemen Street, Nelson
[Retirement home of William Ryder (Snr) from 1886]

William Ryder (Jnr) home, Motueka.
Built 1910

Riwaka farm 1950s

Family groups

Milne family group
Helen, Alexander (Snr), Agnes
Alexander (Jnr), May, Christina, Sarah.
Ryder brothers at the Golden Wedding of William (Snr) 5th September 1903
Walter, Henry
William (Jnr), Frederick, John

Ryder family, 1903
Herbert, Walter, Henry, Edward, Frederick, John
"Cassie", William (Jnr), William (Snr), Ann Elizabeth, Annie, Fanny.

Ryder family at Riwaka, 1937
Walter, Fanny Jackson, Herbert
Fred, Annie McNabb, Cassie Everett, Harry.

Ann Elizabeth & William (Snr) Ryder

Ryder Brothers Butchery
Tudor & High Streets, Motueka 1898 - 1920
Bob King, Edward & William (Jnr) Ryder, W. Francois

Willam (Jnr) & Alice Ryder

William Ryder (Jnr) and family
Albert, Alice (snr), Alice (jnr), William, Hilda.

1899 Motueka Borough Council

Town Clerk H Everett Councillors W. Ryder W.Thorp W.J. Moffat
M Simpson RWH Rankin (Mayor) R Hursthouse J Satherly

Albert & Helen Ryder

WAA (Albert) Ryder family, 1941
Molly, Noel, Alexander, Jack
Joan, Albert, Helen, Alice

Alex Ryder family 1970
Alexander, Phyllis, John, Graham, Stephen

Phyllis & Alex Ryder

Construction - 1922

23 Richmond Avenue, NELSON

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Wall constuction detail
Designed by William Houlker.
Original owner - William Houlker (Architect)